Today while filling in for Brenda Brissette-Mata, Dan Foley and I were talking about an Owl Origami party his wife had been invited to. Not initially knowing that it was a jewelry party, Dan's wife thought it actually had to do with making Origami. While we were talking about it, I mentioned to Dan that I still knew how to make Origami from when I was a kid. Dan then challenged me to make some and we'd put it up on the website and Facebook. Well challenge accepted!

After my program the next hour, and with no help whatsoever, I came back to my desk and while eating, cranked out these three Origami pieces.

From left to right: a paper ball, Chinese throwing star, and a frog that will actually jump!

A couple of questions: What childhood skill are you still able to do? And do you think the Chinese throwing star would get a child suspended or sent home from school nowadays?