My name is Porcha Clemons, and I am a student at Mott Community College where I am studying Media Arts Entertainment. To finish off my program I am interning at Flint's News Talk 1470 WFNT. While I'm interning I will work on different projects to be ready for this media world. I'm currently working on a project called Job Prospects for recent graduates and for those about to graduate. I recently interviewed Ashley Wilson about her experience being a college graduate.

courtesy Ashley Wilson

Wilson (pictured at left), a 25-year-old from Flint attended Southwestern High School and graduated in 2007. After high school she moved to Ypsilanti where she attended Eastern Michigan University and majored in accounting. Wilson's program was supposed to be five years but it took her almost seven years to complete due to working while in school. For Wilson college was not easy but it was manageable, she spent 20 hours studying for classes in order to maintain a 3.54 grade point average in under graduate and 3.8 grade point average in graduate school. Wilson had a huge support system from family, friends and employers that were always there to provide guidance. She says she has more student loans than she ever imagined but intends to pay more than the monthly amount to curve some of the principle and interest. Wilson was determined not to settle for just any job after college; she wanted a career. In order to start a career quickly she completed five internships and was active in six student organizations and worked as a part time accounting clerk while in school. Through these experiences she built a very strong network of individuals, which assisted her in finding employment without difficulty. Wilson was offered a full time position once her Master's degree was complete in corporate America and her plan is to move closer to the Metro Detroit area for her job offer.

Now I want to hear your thoughts if you are a recent graduate or are about to graduate; are you nervous, scared or excited? Post your comments below.