My name is Porcha Clemons, and I am a student at Mott Community College where I am studying Media Arts Entertainment. To complete my program I am interning at Flint's News Talk 1470 WFNT. While I'm interning I will work on different projects to be ready for this media world. I'm currently working on a project called Job Prospects for recent graduates and for those about to graduate.

courtesy Briana Nuby

I recently interviewed Brianca Nuby about her experience being a college student. Nuby lives in Flint and is 23 years old. She attended Southwestern Academy and received an Associate Degree at Baker College. Currently, Nuby is studying nursing at U of M - Flint after three-and-half-years at Baker where she studied Applied Sciences.

For Nuby, school has always been easy although she says she had to work hard to achieve the grades she did. Nuby also says she did a lot of networking and has a strong support system that includes her mother and brothers that have helped her out in many ways.

Asked about finding a job, Nuby says it was easy as Baker College helped her. She is also prepared to go in to her field of study because she is currently employed at McClaren as a unit clerk and is already surrounded by others in her field.

Nuby is fortunate because unlike most college students she finds herself being more stressed than depressed and is not worried about student loans because she knows she "will be able to pay for them." Nuby also plans on moving from Flint once her degree is complete to pursue her career elsewhere.