Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton announced today that a jury returned a guilty verdict in the 2013 sexual assault of a 62-year-old Flint woman.

Thirty-six year-old Deon Jefferson Johnson of Vienna Township was convicted on Tuesday of First Degree Criminal Sexual Misconduct and two counts of Resisting and Obstructing police.

According to testimony at the trial, Johnson was a friend of the victim's son who was in prison, and over time he befriended the victim who was living with another son in a house at the time. Johnson would often take the victim out of the house to the store, for walks, and casual drives. On July 14, 2013, Johnson took the victim to his home to help decorate. The victim waited inside of Johnson's home as he was removing items from his car and storing them in a shed. When Johnson entered the house he went straight to the victim, grabbed her wrists and took her to the floor where he assaulted her. The victim testified that she told Johnson to stop but he wouldn't and that the ordeal caused excruciating pain and bleeding so much so that she had to be treated at the hospital. Johnson initially told investigators he didn't have sex with the victim but during trial said they did and it was consensual. An expert from the State Police Crime Lab testified that the chances that the DNA taken from the victim during her medical exam did not belong to Johnson were 1 in 99.1 trillion.

After the verdict was announced, Leyton said that "the immediate response by law enforcement helped put this case together" and that the "medical and lab testimony was excellent" as was the prosecution team who handled the case at trial.

Johnson, a three time convicted felon, will be sentenced as a habitual offender on May 12th.