Congressman Dan Kildee, who represents Michigan's Fifth Congressional District, has called on the state legislature to take immediate action and expand Medicaid access in Michigan. Kildee says expanding Medicaid would provide affordable health care for Michigan residents, including nearly 40,000 in his district, and would save the state over a billion dollars in the next ten years.

In a statement Kildee said "expanding Medicaid in Michigan is a smart, cost-saving investment that is right for Michigan. State legislatures should drop the political posturing and instead act immediately to expand access to health care for hundreds of thousands of children and adults in our state. Ensuring affordable health care options for Michiganders shouldn't be a partisan issue; it is a proposal that will both reduce costs for Michiganders but also save the state over a billion dollars. It just makes sense."

With the political posturing comment, Kildee was referring to Republican lawmakers who have indicated they are near a budget agreement that does not include expansion of Medicaid. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder said he is open to expanding Medicaid, but not if delays the budget getting done on time.