The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the County Road Association of Michigan wants to remind all motorists that "Snowplows Need Room to Groom." Michigan weather isn't easy to tackle therefore we need to give plowing trucks plenty of room to do their job and make sure we drive appropriately to make our roads safer.

MDOT and the County Road Association off the following reminders for motorists.

  • Be cautious when driving near snowplows.
  • Snowplows have limited visibility and drivers cannot see directly behind their trucks.
  • Snowplows often throw up clouds of snow behind them, reducing visibility on all sides of the truck.
  • Motorists should never attempt to pass a moving snowplow on the right. With the new wing plow and tow plow technology, the blade can clear the shoulder and the lane of travel simultaneously.

Motorists should remember it is illegal to pass near a snowplow, and as always no texting while driving. Always wear your safety belt and allow extra time to reach your destination this winter. MDOT says we all share responsibility for the safety of our roads in Michigan so please drive like you want to make it home, and give "snowplows room to groom."