Three Michigan State Police Troopers from the Flint post received awards for bravery at a special ceremony held in Lansing on Tuesday.

Troopers Jeffery Rodgers, Timothy Roberts and Troy Szukhent were present with the MSP Bravery Award by Director Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue for their efforts in a shootout last April. The award recognizes "diligence and perseverance  under uncommon circumstances and for going beyond what is typically expected of most law enforcement officers."

On April 17, 2013 while on patrol in Flint, Szukhent became involved in a vehicle pursuit of a suspected car thief. After crashing the stolen vehicle, the suspect exited the car and opened fire. Szukhent notified dispatch of his actions and pursued the suspect on foot into a junk yard where he ordered the suspect to lay down and give up, but the suspect ignored the commands and fired again. As the subject continued to fire, Szukhent took cover between two salvaged vehicles and returned fire at which time the suspect disappeared behind a nearby building. By this time, additional officers including Rodgers and Roberts entered the yard and positioned themselves near a door of the building where the suspect took cover. Rodgers and a Flint Police Department officer attempted to breach a hole through the fence to enter the junk yard. As they begin to pull the sheet metal free from the fence post, they were fired upon with a bullet narrowly missing Rodgers. Still under fire, Roberts left his position, entered the line of fire to assist Rodgers and help him toward the building for cover. After more gunfire between the suspect and the officers, the subject was observed to be fatally wounded.