This morning before the Value Connection, I got a telephone call from Jonathan Smith.  Jon hosts a show on WFNT, "I Can Build That," a fun home improvement show that airs Saturday mornings from 10 to 11.  His wife Mary, and son Jacob try to keep him on track.  At first I thought he might be calling about the show.  Unfortunately, he wasn't.

Jon told me he'd had the worst weekend in his life, that he had lost his 17 year old son, Thomas.  My heart sank.

He broke a little as he told me, regained his composure, and said Thomas had suffered a heart attack at the house Saturday evening.  He and Mary performed CPR.  Flushing High School held a vigil yesterday and over 500 people attended.  I was stunned and just managed to tell Jon how sorry I was.

It's hard to find words that feel adequate.  Words come, because we've all used them.  But how can they express how sorry we are, how our hearts go out to them?   But our hearts do go out to Jon and Mary and Jacob.  And we mourn the loss of good young man, Thomas Noah Smith.

Click here for service information and a very nice piece on Tom at Mlive.