Maureen Hancock, author of the book "The Medium Next Door," will be making a special appearance in Flint on February 28th. Hancock is in the middle of her "Postcards from Heaven" tour in which she delivers messages from loved ones in spirit.

Now I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about speaking to Hancock. I'm not a very big believer in the spirit world. However, I was also a little nervous about what she might just have to say. Hancock spoke with me last week on "Conversations with Jason Cooper" and hit on a couple of things during our discussion.

Full disclosure: We had not spoken before and only exchanged one email prior to her coming on the show. The interview started a few moments prior to where you hear it begin, however we had a couple of technical issues that prevented is from recording from the very beginning. What you hear though is completely unedited.

Hancock will be at Carman-Ainsworth High School in Flint Township on February 28th. For more information on event time, how to purchase tickets and more on Maureen Hancock, click here.