It’s a monologue, it’s a blog … it’s a monoblog!

Three good jokes and one bad one … or vice versa. You tell me.

  • Like 10 million other Americans, Mitt Romney has filed for an extension on his taxes.   Most people want the extra time to figure out how much they owe. Romney needs it to finish counting it all.
  • President Obama in a recent interview said he prefers Jay-Z to Kanye West and that Kanye is a “talented jackass.” Isn’t it weird that a president even knows who those people are?  Can you imagine George Washington saying “Yeah, I prefer East Coast hip-hop to West Coast rap – word!”?
  • Eleven U.S. Secret Service agents working in Columbia are in trouble for bringing prostitutes to their hotel. To be fair, though, they were hired during the Clinton administration and old habits are hard to break.
  • Supposedly, one of the women refused to leave an agent’s room until she was paid. See, I’ll bet he was trying to pull the old “Gee, I’d like to pay you but the budget deficit is so huge” routine.

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