Representative Joe Graves

Snyder Signs Bills to Help Veterans Find Work
Governor Rick Snyder has signed legislation to ease the job search for veterans with military police experience.
House Bill 5590, sponsored by state Representative Joe Graves, allows veterans' experience as military police to meet the experience criterion for licensure as a private security guar…
Local Legislators React to Right to Work
State Senator John Gleason:
"As a man of Catholic faith, I firmly believe that the dignity of work is tied to the preservation of the rights of workers. Fair wages and safe work places are central to the equal treatment of all human beings...
Graves Warns Local Residents of Meningitis Investigation
State Rep. Joe Graves encourages local residents to remain aware of the potential meningitis cases in the area, stemming from contaminated steroid injections that were administered at the Michigan Neurosurgical Institute in Grand Blanc.
An investigation is under way in Michigan, which has linked an e…

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