Public Act 4

Detroit News Poll Shows Voters Keeping EM Law
A poll released by the Detroit News says if the election were held today, "Michigan's emergency manager law would survive a referendum."
Of the likely voters surveyed statewide, the 2011 law giving state-appointed managers broad powers to suspend union contracts would pass by a…
Emergency Manager Law to go Before Voters on November Ballot
The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that a referendum of the state's emergency manager law should go before voters on the November ballot.
According to MLive, four of the seven justices agreed that the Board of Canvassers must certify the referendum petition submitted by Stand Up for Democracy,…
Snyder Makes Statement on Court of Appeals Decision on P.A. 4
Governor Rick Snyder issued a statement in response to a Michigan Court of Appeals decision on a ballot measure challenging Public Act 4:
"We are pleased that this panel followed the letter of the Michigan Election Law and stayed the effects of its ruling so that PA 4 remains in effect...