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Romanian Lawmaker Moonwalks for Political Attention [VIDEO]
In politics, vying for attention can be a difficult feat, what with all the scandalous love affairs, dishonest financial antics and hot-button social issues.
But it appears that Romanian lawmaker Edmond Talmacean may have found a way to catch the public's eye.
His method? Dancing.
Anti-Porn Politician Resigns After Getting Caught Downloading Porn
Getting caught looking at Internet porn can be embarrassing, but it's rarely a big deal. Unless of course you're a member of a political party railing against pornography.
An Indonesian member of parliament was caught downloading an X-rated video from the Internet. Mr. Arifinto hastily resigned after…
Wikileaks Threaten International Relations
Former President George W. Bush joined Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in Palo Alto, CA with thousands following along either in the live audience, or via the internet stream discussing how news stories can hurt the trust of foreign countries when sensitive materials are reported. Read more after the j…