Mayor Dayne Walling

City of Flint Announces New City Adminstrator
The City of Flint has announced a new city administrator. Natasha Henderson, City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Muskegon Heights, was chosen from a field of 27 candidates. Henderson was announced at a press conference in the lobby of City Hall today and will begin her appo…
City of Flint to Hold Two Events Commemorating 9/11
The City of Flint will hold two public events commemorating 9/11 on Thursday.
The first will be the Red Cross Ready emergency preparedness education program held at the Brennan Senior Center. It will inform attendees on ways in which they can be ready for emergencies...
Flint Mayor Dayne Walling, Guest Headed to White House
Flint Mayor Dayne Walling and Artist Michael Wright will head to Washington D.C. and participate in the inaugural White House Maker Faire today (6/18). According to MLive, the event will showcase makers who are people who like to make stuff
Wright tells MLive that the event is "mostly a demonstr…

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