Colorado Students Serve Classmates Pot Brownies as Prank
Just because it's legal to do it on your own time in Colorado, doesn't mean you can drug your whole class. Two University of Colorado students in Boulder thought it would be funny to bring pot brownies to a morning class to share. Then a bunch of people who ate them had freak-
outs. Suddenl…
City of Flint Officials: Marijuana Still Illegal
On Tuesday, nearly 60 percent of Flint voters supported a measure to lift penalties for small amounts of marijuana.
However, city officials released a statement on the city's website saying  "possession of marijuana continues to be illegal under state and federal laws...
Nick Fairley Latest Lion with Troubles with the Law
Detroit Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley was arrested yesterday in Mobile, Alabama and charged with possession of marijuana, according to the Detroit Free Press.
Fairley was pulled over after a citizen complained that his Cadillac Escalade was speeding through a Mobile neighborhood...
Pot-Based Prescription Drug Seek FDA Approval
Only a small number of states currently have laws on the books allowing medical marijuana, but help may be on the horizon for patients in other states who could benefit from the ingredients in cannabis plants — clinical trials are currently underway for the world’s first pharma…
Pot Smokers Are Less Likely to Be Obese Than Non-Smokers
People who smoke pot once a week are about 25 percent less likely to be obese than non-smokers.
According to a study by French researchers, marijuana smokers have a 16 percent rate of obeseity, whereas those who don’t partake enjoy a rate of obesity between 22 and 25 percent.

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