Longway Planetarium

Tonight On The Tom Sumner Program
Tune in or join us in person for a LIVE remote broadcast of The Tom Sumner Program Tuesday May 29 from The Outer Limits Bar & Grill on M-15 in Davison beginning at 6 p.m. Guests include Astronomer Richard Walker (Longway Planetarium) and Keyboardist George Winters joins The Whisky Brothers t…
Tonight On The Tom Sumner Program
The Tom Sumner Program starts the week with scheduled guests Richard Walker (Longway Planetarium), The President of the Flint Police Officers Association Kevin Smith responding to last week's conversation with Flint Emergency Manager Michael Brown, and a retired police officer turned author Jef…
Tonight on The Tom Sumner Program
Richard Walker (Longway Planetarium), former Genesee County Prosecutor Art Busch, and Jerry Preston (MI Warriors) are the featured guests Monday (4/9/12) on The Tom Sumner Program from 6-9PM.