Governor Rick Snyder

Snyder Signs Bill to Classify K2, Spice as Schedule 1 Drugs
Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation on Tuesday to ensure K2, Spice and other dangerous synthetic drugs no longer find their way on to Michigan store shelves.
The synthetic drugs will now be included in the list of Schedule 1 drugs, and producers and distributors will be subject to the same penalt…
WFNT’s Conversation with Governor Rick Snyder
Hear WFNT's conversation with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. Topics discussed include the new International Trade Crossing, the Emergency Manager Law, Public Safety, and whether or not he'll be Mitt Romney's pick for Vice President.
Gleason Writes Snyder Letter Regarding Flint City Jail
State Senator John Gleason (D-Flushing) wrote the following letter to Governor Rick Snyder regarding the decision to privatize the Flint Jail. the text of the letter is as follows:
Dear Governor Snyder,
As the State Senator representing that City of Flint, I am deeply concerned with the ac…
Watch Announcement of New Bridge to Canada
Governor Rick Snyder and Lt. Governor Brian Calley will join with Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper today to announce a new bridge crossing the Detroit River.
According to the Detroit Free Press, Michigan will bear none of the cost of the new international crossing, but receive all the benefits…
Bill Signed to Ensure Legal Recognition of Biological Fathers
Governor Snyder signed legislation on Tuesday to increase biological fathers' paternal rights, even in situations where another man already is legally acknowledged as the child's father.
The four bill package allows a child's mother, legally acknowledged father or potential biological …
Snyder Makes Statement on Court of Appeals Decision on P.A. 4
Governor Rick Snyder issued a statement in response to a Michigan Court of Appeals decision on a ballot measure challenging Public Act 4:
"We are pleased that this panel followed the letter of the Michigan Election Law and stayed the effects of its ruling so that PA 4 remains in effect...
Schuette Crime Bill Passes Senate, VO-4 Bill Heads to House
Attorney General Bill Schuette's crime legislation, known as VO-4, has passed through the Michigan Senate.
The VO-4 plan allows prosecutors to require a minimum 25-year sentence for repeat violent offenders who have amassed four felony convictions while progressing to more violent crimes...
MDOT Announces Wounded Veterans Internship Program
The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is introducing a new program focused on helping wounded military veterans transition into the civilian workforce. The Wounded Veterans Internship Program offers wounded veterans paid internships at MDOT facilities throughout the state and is federally…

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