Should Flint Have a City Manager?
Flint Attorney Terry Bankert joined Brenda and Dan today to talk about revising the Flint City Charter.  Bankert favors a city manager model for the city of Flint,  a change that would required revision of the Charter.   Former City Administrator Darnell Early is an example Bankert suggested of some…
City of Flint Financial Position Improves
The City of Flint announced today their financial position has significantly improved. The deficit is down and cash flow is up. The City of Flint Finance Department has completed the Fiscal Year 2011 (FY11) end-of-year close and the combined operating deficit is now calculated at $7...
Halo Burger To Stay The Same
Lou Dortch Jr. says that they will not change the beloved menu, and items for the newly changed hands of Halo Burger. Flint residents know Halo Burger as a staple of Flint, and should be glad to know that things will not change. Read the interview from mlive.com:
Flint’s Homicide Record May Rise By One
Flint's homicide rate may rise by one more after police find a man shot in his van on the south side reports ABC12:
This is in reference to the kidnapping and shooting death that started in Genesee Township early in the morning of November 24...
Early Snow Causes Havoc
Well winter showed it's ugly face in Mid-Michigan and the drivers along the roadways were having trouble with the first Michigan snow.
Flint Firefighters Vote On New Contracts
Not that Flint need anymore employment troubles, but today and tomorrow Flint firefighters will vote on their new contracts, says mLive.com. The City of Flint is facing budgets cuts again, how do you think this will affect the cities economy, and crime rates?
More Fires In Flint
After the summer worth of fires in Flint, fire crews responded to two fire calls last night, according to mLive. Fire crews consider one to be suspicious. Read more after the jump.

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