With Audio: Michigan State Police Celebrate 95th Anniversary
The Michigan State Police celebrated their 95th anniversary on Thursday and Governor Snyder has declared April to be Michigan State Police History Month.
WFNT spoke with Michigan State Police Director Kriste Kibbey Etue yesterday where she talked to us about the history of the MSP, changes being made…
New FBI Report Shows Most Crime Down in Flint
A new FBI report shows that almost every type of crime is down in Flint this year compared to 2010.
According to Mlive, in the first half of 2011, the city reported 909 instances of violent crime. That is a 19% drop from the 1,123 instances reported by the same time in 2010...
Governor Says Crime Rate Not Acceptable in Flint Visit
Governor Rick Snyder visited Flint this morning where he met with law enforcement and community leaders. The Governor held two roundtable discussions at the Word Of Life Christian Church.
According to Mlive, Snyder said that when you look at most crime lists, four Michigan communities are on those li…
What Is the World’s Most Stolen Food?
According to a new report from the Center for Retail Research, the most frequently stolen food on the planet is… cheese.
The report says four percent of the protein and calcium-rich (not to mention tasty) food winds up being shoplifted worldwide every year, besting the theft-rates for other it…
Flint Tops FBI List for Most Violent City
A new FBI report released today has Flint as the most violent city in the nation in 2010.
The figures from the report show that Flint had 22 violent crimes per 1,000 residents, about 4 residents higher than second-place Detroit. St. Louis, New Haven, Conn., and Memphis round out the top 5.
Woman Arrested After Shooting into Neighbors Home
A woman was arrested after shooting into a neighbor's home from her porch in Flint late last week, according to a police report released today.
Police were called to a home on West Newall Street near King Avenue around 6 p.m. Friday about a woman firing a rifle, according to the police report...
Woman’s Lawn Stolen While on Vacation
It’s natural to worry about things when you leave for vacation. Did I turn the lights off? Are the doors locked? Did I take the trash out? What you don’t worry about, however, is your lawn being stolen. Maybe now you should.
Canadian Denise Thompson went on a short vacation over the weekend with her …
John Edwards Chipper In Newly Released Mugshot
For a man who had just been arrested, former US Sen. John Edwards sure looks chipper in his mugshot, which was released on Wednesday.
The one-time vice presidential hopeful was arrested in June on conspiracy and campaign law violation charges, to which he pleaded not guilty.

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