Study: Obesity Is Associated With Altered Brain Function
In the battle against the bulge, scientists are now looking to the brain in an effort to learn why some people are prone to overeating and weight gain.
Researchers in Finland found that in comparison to lean individuals, the brain glucose metabolism of obese individuals was significantly higher in th…
Study: Decaffeinated Coffee Improves Brain Metabolism
Do you drink decaffeinated coffee? If so, it may be strengthening your brain and preserving your memory.
A new study from Mount Sinai School of Medicine suggests that decaffeinated coffee improves brain energy metabolism associated with type 2 diabetes.
Could Messy People Be Clearer Thinkers?
Turns out the old adage about a messy desk being a sign of a messy mind isn’t necessarily true. On the contrary, new research suggests a disorganized environment may actually foster a clearer head.

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