Bikes on the Bricks

Detroit Police Officer Dies at Bikes on the Bricks
A Detroit Police Officer during Bikes on the Bricks on Saturday. According to WNEM, 49-year-old Rodney Wayne Jones died from a massive heart attack. Jones collapsed while practicing for a motorcycle training seminar. Paramedics reached Jones quickly but he was pronounced dead shortly after being tak…
Tonight On The Tom Sumner Program
Richard Walker (Longway Planetarium) and Aileen England (Bikes on the Bricks) are among the guests featured on The Tom Sumner Program Thursday September 6 beginning at 6 p.m.
DDA Receives Grant to Help Pay for Festivals
The Downtown Development Authority for the City of Flint has received a $250,000 grant from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. The funds will go towards eight new festivals and will help some of the existing events like Bikes on the Bricks...