Tuesday On The Tom Sumner Program
Maestro Enrique Diemecke previews this week's FSO concert, Astronomer (and "planetary pundit") Richard Walker (Longway Planetarium) talks about NASA, space and more, plus animal activist Andrea Alexander-Roth drops by The Tom Sumner Program Tuesday March 11 beginning at 3 p...
Bizarre Study Finds Drivers Try to Hit Animals [VIDEO]
It should be considered a brilliant leap in the telling of humanity whenever the real face of the human condition is exposed – especially when it exposes the wrath of cold-blooded rubber animal killers.
That’s what we said — rubber animal killers.
Wild Animals Escape and Terrify Ohio Community [VIDEO]
An Ohio man who owned an exotic animal farm released his animals to the wild and then committed suicide on Tuesday, according to police.
Farm owner Terry Thompson was found dead in his home near Columbus, OH by the sheriff’s deputies, who say his body had been disturbed by animals…
Couple Has Raised Gorilla as Daughter for 13 Years [VIDEO]
Thirteen years ago, French couple Pierre and Elianne Thivillon adopted an infant gorilla after her mother refused to breastfeed it. They named the baby great ape Digit, and have raised it like their own daughter in what is believed to be the world’s only such huma…
Bald Eagles Attack Post Office Patrons
They may be majestic creatures that represent the best of America’s qualities – freedom, liberty and justice – but real-life Bald Eagles have a ferocious side, too.
Just ask residents in Anchorage, Alaska, where Bald Eagles have begun attacking customers outside of a nearb…