Wednesday On The Tom Sumner Program
Flint area Congressman Dan Kildee talks about his recent fact finding trip to Afghanistan, plus local, state and national commentary and analysis with Flint's premiere political pundit Paul Rozycki on The Tom Sumner Program Wednesday April 10 beginning at 3 p...
Lara Logan on Afghanistan, Lying and Telling the Truth
As journalism blends with entertainment on the one hand, and advocacy on the other, it’s easy to forget what it used to be when it inspired.  If you’d like a reminder of what journalism once aspired to, watch this video.  In Lara Logan, you see that this asp…
Jihad for Dummies: the Horror of Koran Burning
Dear Dr. Psarcasm,
Should the President have apologized for the recent Koran burning incident by U.S. soldiers in Afhanistan?
Worried in Clio
Dear Worried,
There is nothing worse than Koran burning.  NOTHING.  Yes of course the President should have apologized.  T...