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MDEQ & EPA Used to Pressure Flint Council to Vote for State Water Plan
In a press conference called to discuss her water source recommendation on June 20th, Flint Mayor, Karen Weaver delivered a blunt message to the Flint City Council backed up with muscle from the state, in the form of a letter sent to Council President, Kerry Nelson, by MDEQ Director, C...
Will You Take $500 for Eric Mays Laptop
It was reported today that Flint City Councilman, Eric Mays, pawned his city issued laptop computer at Music Man Pawnshop for $100.
Thinking it might contain newsworthy information, I drove to the pawnshop to see if it was for sale:
Rachel Dolezal is Every Bit as Black as Caitlyn Jenner is Female.
Rachel Dolezal was the head of the Spokane, Washington NAACP.  She was forced to resign from that position when it was “discovered” that she is not black. When confronted by a reporter with evidence that her parents are white, Rachel froze and seemed confus…
Woman Arrested at Flint Water Town Hall 4/20/17 [VIDEO]
Six people, including those in this video, were arrested for disorderly conduct at last night's town hall, the purpose of which was to address concerns and ask questions about Flint's plans to ditch the KWA deal and stick with Detroit water.
Title IX Promotes Sexual Apartheid
“Separate but Equal” is no more justified in school sports than it is in school admissions. In Brown V. Board of Education, the Supreme Court found that separate is NOT equal:
Segregation of white and Negro children in the public schools of a State solely on the basis of race, pursuant to state laws…
Plant Polinators [Sponsored]
Yes you can, have butterflies to admire, help native plant species to thrive and satisfy your desire to be part of something larger than yourself. Planting pollinators is worthwhile and beautiful.
Many beautiful plants are attractive to insects that are important to our ecosystem...
Gardening Tips for Captivating Containers [Sponsored]
Do you have an urge to create? Are there spots in your garden that need a facelift? Has a pretty new flower captured your attention? One of the best ways to trial a new color pallet or freshen your landscape for the season is to plant containers...
Fresh and Fun Finds for your Garden [Sponsored]
Yes, spring is here, and there are plenty of ways to perk up your landscape! You may already count on doing a fresh plant pallet, adding colorful new annuals like Holy Moly Calibrachoa, Easy Wave Petunias or baskets of Encanto series Begonias...
Larry Loynes WFNT Interview (Video/Audio)
Had a great time talking with Larry Loynes today on Flint's News Talk 1470 WFNT.  We've had lot's of requests to upload the interview, as Larry broke the sad news to listeners about his retirement as he battles end stage cancer.  So here it is...
Get up-to-the-minute updates from WFNT's own Dan Foley, who is in attendance for the 11th Republican Presidential Primary Debate in Detroit.