Tuesday, September 23, 2013, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas spoke for 21 hours on the floor of the U.S. Senate.  Since then his words have been dissected and analyzed by professionals and laymen, politicians, consultants, news analysts, moms, dad and students.  From entry level employees to chief executives, everyone has offered an opinion. At the very least the senator from Texas prompted a vigorous debate throughout the country.

During his soliloquy, some heard him say that to defund The Affordable Care Act; (Obama-care), would end civilized life in America, and thrust the nation into less than third world status. Some heard him say that to fund Obama-care, would be akin to casting aside the Constitution and adding another crack in the Liberty Bell. Still others heard the Senator express the desire for his children to consume meals consisting of spoiled dairy products and not so fresh meat in various and odd locations after endless debate over the debate, and countless interpretations ranging from a useless and boring rant, to a courageous act worthy of praise by the Founding Fathers, one question remains. Who heard the following?

After years in which you and your doctor, you and your hospital, you and your insurance provider, out of mutual agreement and respect, having engaged in a relationship which provided the coverage necessary to maintain the health of you and your family; now be told by a governmental bureaucracy that those agreements and contracts are less than adequate, and hereby curtailed. Furthermore, to continue those past practices will place you outside the law, so conformity is mandated.

Simply put, on September 24, 2013, as Senator Cruz spoke, your healthcare choices were yours and legal. Six days later in a somewhat ex-post facto manner, they were not. While The Liberty Bell did not physically crack, your individual liberties were diminished.