United States Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra will host a press conference in Grand Blanc today where he will discuss the federal budget, the debt and the contrast between his time and voting record in Congress versus Senator Debbie Stabenow's  voting record and time in office.

In a press release, Hoekstra said "Senator Stabenow has failed American families, seniors and the next generation with her record as a member of the Senate Budget Committee. She has done nothing but follow Harry Reid's lead resulting in incomprehensible debt and the country going without a budget for over 1,200 days."

Hoekstra's news conference comes just a day after a new poll released by Fox 2 News Detroit showed him with a slight lead over Stabenow after a 12-point jump after his primary win. The poll had Hoekstra at 48.28%, Stabenow with 45.93% and undecided at 5.25%.

Hoekstra will be joined by other Republicans including State Senator Phil Pavlov and State Reps. Kevin Daley, Ken Horn, Joe Graves and Kurt Damrow.

The news conference begins at 1 p.m. and is taking place at the Grand Blanc Victory Center located at 12741 South Saginaw in Grand Blanc.