Attorney General Bill Schuette's crime legislation, known as VO-4, has passed through the Michigan Senate.

The VO-4 plan allows prosecutors to require a minimum 25-year sentence for repeat violent offenders who have amassed four felony convictions while progressing to more violent crimes. The bill passed 32-5 and now heads to the House for consideration.

In a statement, Schuette said "repeat violent offender imperil the safety of our streets, neighborhoods and schools and they belong behind bars. We have a strong team committed to improving public safety in Michigan. This is an excellent example of the governor's office, the legislature, and the attorney general all working together to move the public safety needle in a positive direction for our state."

Schuette will continue to work with Governor Snyder's office and legislative leaders to ensure the legislation narrowly targets offenders with a clear history of violent behavior.

Senate Bill 1109, introduced by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Rick Jones of Grand Ledge, would implement the VO-4 (Violent Offense, Fourth Felony) sentencing reform by strengthening Michigan's Habitualization Law.

VO-4 is endorsed by Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, Prosecuting Attorneys Association, Michigan Fraternal Order of Police and others.