On Election Day, Tuesday, November 8th, voters will head to the polls to make a critical decision on the future of Flint. The candidates for Mayor are Darryl Buchanan and Dayne Walling and both were guests recently on The Brenda Brissette-Mata Show where they answered questions on what they see for the future of Flint and how they will lead us there.

Below is information provided by the candidates on why they believe they should be the next Mayor of Flint:

Darryl Buchanan:

Darryl has an extensive record of public service. In Flint he has been elected as President of the City Council, 1st Ward Councilman, and ombudsman in addition to other civic duties. Buchanan has done great things for the city of Flint. Buchanan expanded the services that Flint's Hasselbring Center rendered to the surrounding community, demolishing Ashbury Heights, and advocating the building of Rosewood Townhouses. Buchanan has improved the living conditions of the people of Flint which is evident in his record of civic leadership and service.

Buchanan also serves in the community as a guest educator at the International Academy of Flint, a part-time Adjunct Instructor at Baker College. Buchanan also plays educational roles within his family.

Dayne Walling:

Since becoming mayor, Ive worked to bring more than 2,000 jobs back to Flint. These are good paying jobs in the areas of new manufacturing, healthcare, and renewable energy. Flint's job growth is one reason Kiplinger's, a national business magazine, named Flint a comeback city for 2011. With a new master plan on the way and strong economic development partnerships in place, I will continue to work to diversify our economy and create jobs.

I've worked with the Flint and Michigan State Police to increase neighborhood patrols, made sure criminals are locked up and not let loose by getting additional state funding for more jail beds, and I've worked to ensure that anyone convicted of a crime with a gun does at least four years of federal time. In a full four-year term, I will bring in additional resources to support community policing and new technologies such as shotspotter.