With the looming of more than 20 more layoffs on the Flint Police force, response times will increase says Mayor Walling via mlive.com:

Flint Mayor Dayne Walling said this week that response times for all calls — from the highest to the lowest priorities — have increased  since 2007.

The lower priority crimes — where no one’s life is in danger — have suffered the biggest increases, Walling said.

Responses to highest priority crimes are 8 percent slower. That means a call that would have taken five minutes three years ago now takes five minutes and 25 seconds.

For priority 2 and priority 3 calls, response times have increased by 80 percent and 140 percent respectively, Walling said.

"It's those lower priority calls that over time turn into bigger problems," he said.

This coming after the record breaking murder numbers in Flint. I am just wondering how Flint will handle this, is there going to be a huge rise in crime rates with people knowing that the police force can't get to all the crime scenes in time? Will Flint citizens start taking justice into their own  hands? What do you think?

via -  MLive.com.