Witnesses of an accident at the corner of Bristol and Fern in Burton said no ticket was issued by Burton Police who were on the scene.  The driver of one car, Emily Dean, was taken by ambulance to Hurley Hospital.  Her father, Jeff Dean, said she was examined at the scene and was all right, other than some pain in her side and stiff neck, but was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

There is no left turn only lane on Bristol at Fern.   Emily Dean was west bound in the left lane on Bristol Road, waiting to turn south onto Fern.  Another car was facing Emily's black Grand Am at the intersection waiting to turn the other way onto Fern.  Emily didn't see a Jeep traveling east in the right lane on Bristol and was struck as she turned.  The driver of the Jeep, Valery Bice, was shaken up, but uninjured.

Both drivers were wearing their seat belts.