The opening of the Flint Farmers Market at its new downtown locating will be delayed. According to MLive, the market, which was originally expected to open in May, will now open on Saturday, June 21 due to construction regulations and lingering frost. Karianne Martus, a market manager, said that while they are "bummed" about the delay, "it actually works out better in terms of the season of the market." Flower season at the market begins the second week of May and lasts through the second week of June. The market doesn't usually kick off its summer season until the third weekend in June.  Dick Ramsdell, marketing manager of the Flint Farmers Market, says it "would have been weird to have half a flower season at one location and then half in a different location" and the "delay will give people one last chance to say goodbye." The market has been located on East Boulevard Drive for more than seven decades, but the new location will allow it to more than double the space and be part of the downtown renaissance.