A man in Flint has been arrested for selling bootleg DVDs in a parking lot out of the back of his van. The Michigan State Police says tips given resulted in the arrest in the Hallwood Plaza near Clio and Pierson Roads.

According to a news release from the MSP, the Third District Tobacco Tax team received a tip on the illegal sales as well as information on the location of single cigarette sales that were occurring. After receiving the information, the Third District Tobacco Tax Team, along with the Flint Area Narcotic Group, were able to follow up on Monday. The teams were able to catch the man in action selling the DVDs from his vehicle. They were also successful in purchasing single cigarettes from a party store in the area.

The teams seized 625 bootleg movies with a value of just over $6,400 and 129 bootleg CDs valued at $600. Three notebooks listing the DVDs and CDs for sale and a 5-in-1 CD/DVD burner were also confiscated.

The store owner selling the cigarettes illegally was cited. The prosecutor's office is currently reviewing both cases and the incidents remain under investigation.