Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson has announced a free iPhone and iPad application that will allow voter convenient access to state campaign contribution information, continuing her efforts to bring more transparency and accountability to the state campaign finances.

Johnson said "this application is one more tool for voters who want to track political contributions that are part of Michigan's campaign finance system. Now you can quickly and easily access this information 24 hours a day, no matter where you are."

The Michigan Campaign Finance Search application, believed to be the first state app of its kind in the country, is currently available in the Apple App Store. It allows users to search for records by the names of state candidates and committees as well as by election period, party affiliation, committee type and the office being sought. The app displays contributions received, expenditures and debt owed. An Android version is currently being developed.

Electronic filing for state-level offices who spend or receive $20,000 or more has been mandatory in Michigan since 2004. Records for more then 11,000 active and non-active political committees and millions of transactions will be available for viewing. Viewers will be able to see dollar totals and contributors' names, but not individual transactions.

The Michigan CFS app, which requires Apple's updated iOS5 mobile operating system, is developed and managed by NIC Technologies, LLC. NIC Technologies develops and maintains systems for the Michigan Bureau of Elections that support electronic filing and disclosure for state campaign finance information. The state incurred no additional cost in the development of the campaign finance application.