The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is seeking comments  by Monday, April 30, on a public involvement plan for revising the state's long-range transportation plan. The public involvement plan describes various opportunities the public will have over the next six months to help shape the revisions; it is available online at

MDOT is revising the state's long-range transportation plan, MI Transportation Plan: Moving Michigan Forward, in order to maintain the 20-year planning horizon required by federal transportation planning regulations. Since reauthorization of the federal highway program could change the requirements, and since such legislation is still pending in Congress, the revision will be an interim step to keep the plan current. A full update will be scheduled at a future time in response to any new requirements that may result from federal reauthorization.

Comments or requests for printed copies of the public involvement plan may be submitted via email to Bob Parsons, MDOT public involvement and hearings officer, at or by phone at 517-373-9534.