The Michigan Department of Transportation has announced they are seeking proposals for an advertising and sponsorship program of the state's rest areas and welcome centers. MDOT says the idea is for sponsors to partially fund the operations of the facilities.

Earlier this week, MDOT issued a request for proposals from potential vendors interested in a comprehensive sponsorship and advertising program in Michigan's 64 rest areas and 14 welcome centers. The program would also include a digital information system for travelers. MDOT says some of the sponsorship opportunities could include services like Wi-Fi, litter pick up, landscaping and video displays. The program will not include snack and drink vending services which is already provided by the Michigan Bureau of Services for Blind Person and their business enterprise program.

State Transportation Director Kirk Steudle says "our rest areas and welcome centers provide a range of valuable services and conveniences to a wide variety of travelers." He added the "program cannot address all the transportation funding needs in Michigan, but it would help defray the expense of operating and maintaining these facilities."

A mandatory pre-bid meeting for prime vendors will be held at 9 a.m. on July 10th at the Horatio S. Earle Learning Center in Dimondale. Electronic proposals will be due August 11th. A five-year contract with a selected vendor could begin as early as the fall and the agreement could be extended in one-year increments for up to five additional years.

For more on how to submit bids and other information, click here.