A Michigan-based company has filed a lawsuit against Facebook in Flint federal court.

According to MLive, the lawsuit filed by a company from Farmington Hills, is based on the social media giant's new "want" button. CVG-SAB says the Facebook feature resembles a  service they have been offering on their website, wantbutton.com.

CVG-SAB claims they have been using and marketing a "want" button since September 2010. Tommy Bahama, Burlington Coat Factory are among the high-profile companies that utilize the CVG-SAB service which the company claims has had over 160 million want-button views.

The lawsuit claims that CVG-SAB has received multiple inquiries as to whether the new Facebook feature is associated with them. The lawsuit says that those inquiries show that the new Facebook feature is causing confusion in the marketplace.

No trial dates have yet to be set in the case.