Update:  As of 4 a.m. Wednesday morning, Consumers Energy reported that statewide 47,500 customers were still without power. In Genesee County, the number had dropped to just over 5,100 without power. Updated outage information is available at www.consumersenergy.com/outagemap. Because of the magnitude of the damage, some customers who have been without electric service since Sunday afternoon may not have their power restored until late Friday. In harder hit areas it could be as late as Saturday.

Update: As of 4 a.m. Tuesday, Consumers Energy says statewide 118,000 customers are still without power. In Genesee County, there are about 12,700 still without power. Mary Palkovich, the utility's vice president of energy delivery says they "are working around the clock, in freezing conditions, to restore power." Over 1,900 Consumers Energy and contract employees from eight different states are working to restore power. Consumers says it could be until Friday when the majority of customers have their service restored and even Saturday for some harder hit areas. To view the latest information, visit www.consumersenergy.com/outagemap.

Update: As of 11:30 a.m. Monday, Consumers Energy says there is over 17,000 without power in Genesee County and over 270,000 across the state of the utility company's customers. Consumers says that more than 100 contractors from as far away as Kentucky are arriving to help assist with the restoration efforts. Earlier estimates were that most would have power restored by Wednesday night or Thursday at the latest, but Consumers now says it could be until Friday.

As of 4 a.m. Monday morning, Consumers Energy reported over 13,000 customers in Genesee County were without power dud to the storms and high winds that passed through the state last night.

In Saginaw County, almost 3,400 were still without power this morning. In Midland County, there are over 11,000 residents affected. In Bay County, close to 7,000 are without power.

Consumers Energy says it could take until lat Wednesday to restore power to the majority of customers. In areas that were harder hit, it could be until Thursday morning. Consumers says that out-of-state crews are arriving to help with the restoration efforts.

Updates outage information can be found here: www.consumersenergy.com/outagemap.