A decades-old ban on gay marriage in Michigan has been ruled unconstitutional. US District Judge Bernard Friedman struck down the ban after a trial that began on February 25th.

The ruling was announced shortly after 5pm Friday, after most County Clerks' offices in Michigan had closed. The timing will likely delay same-sex couples from obtaining marriage licenses.

However, WXYZ reports that Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is working to file a request with the Federal Appeals Court to suspend Friedman's decision, which may further delay same-sex couples from marrying.

Detroit-area nurses April Deboer and Jayne Rowse have been at the center of the case since challenging Michigan’s adoption law, saying it violates their rights to equal protection under the US Constitution. Under Michigan law, Deboer and Rowse were not able to jointly adopt their three children. The scope of the case was later expanded to include a challenge to Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage, at His Honor’s invitation.

In the video below, Deboer and Rowse, celebrate as their attorney reads Judge Friedman's ruling.


- George McIntyre
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