State Reps. Joeseph Graves (R-Argentine Twp.) and Jim Ananich (D-Flint) today urged the Genesee County Board of Commissioners to consider adopting an emergency ordinance to fight the spread of synthetic drug abuse.

The makers of synthetic drugs, know as K2, spice and bath salts, have found loopholes in current state laws that allow them to continue making these dangerous substances available to children. As the Legislature swiftly moves on additional protections at the state level, a number off communities across Michigan are pursuing local measures as well.

"It's important that we all work together to keep our communities safe and get these dangerous drugs off our streets," Graves said. "Regardless of what name the drug is called, these synthetic drugs are dangerous and everyone in our communities needs to be aware of this issue. We are taking action to protect our communities today and prevent further tragedy tomorrow."

The State Senate approved legislation recently dealing with the problem and the House Judiciary Committee heard testimony on the issue in Lansing this morning. Representatives Graves and Ananich have also been working together on efforts to prevent drug abuse through the formation of Community Parent - a coalition of concerned parents and citizens - and legislation to get unused prescription drugs off the street. The drug disposal bills, HB 5089 and 5090, were approved in the House of Representatives today.

"We need to be working together in a swift, comprehensive manor to keep our families safe from these dangerous drugs," said Ananich. "raising awareness and providing additional tools to law enforcement are important steps in this fight to protect our community."