Governor Rick Snyder signed the state's Fiscal Year 2015 budget package on Monday that includes investment in education, transportation and public safety.

Synder signed House Bill 5313, known as the General Omnibus Bill, that he says reflects a state growing stronger by focusing on improving the quality of life for Michiganders of all ages. "This budget strikes the right balance by making critical investments to fuel Michigan's comeback while maintaining fiscal responsibility" said Snyder. "Working with our partners in the Legislature, we continue to emphasize job growth, education, transportation, stronger communities, increased public and mental health and safety, and environmental and natural resources protection. These are protections and improvements that affect every member of our state."

Combined with the School Omnibus Bill signed on June 24, the bills provide an investment plan for the fiscal year which begins October 1. A total budget of $53.2 billion includes both state and federal revenue sources.

Highlights of the budget include:

  • The addition of $285 million in funding for Michigan roads.
  • An additional $11.8 million in state funding for K-12 districts.
  • Improvements to public safety with $46.6 million for training of more troopers.
  • A total of $194.8 million in funding to support the Detroit bankruptcy.
  • Support for veterans, including an additional $4.7 million in funding for a new tuition assistance program.
  • A new investment of $3.4 million has been allocated for jail diversion to support and help those with mental illness.
  • Another new investment of $5 million to help protect the invasion of species that could harm Michigan's natural resources.

The bill becomes Public Act 252 of 2014. For more information on this bill and others, visit