State Senator John Gleason (D-Flushing) introduced two more bills this week that seek further government ethics reforms. These bills come on the heels of a bill introduced last week that would prohibit lawmakers from becoming a lobbyist for one year after their term is up. The first bill addresses the Commissioner of Financial and Insurance Regulation, the second addresses lame-duck locally elected officials.

"Unfortunately too many individuals who are supposed to be representing the interests of the people are too busy looking out for themselves," said Senator Gleason. "Those kinds of action are a disgrace to our democracy. We need to start holding people more accountable."

SB 1050 would prohibit the commissioner of the Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation from working for the entities regulated by the office for a period of two years after leaving office. SB 1049 would prevent a public officer serving in local government from using public funds for travel expenses related to that office if the public officer is defeated in a primary or general election for the next term of office, or is term-limited or has not filed for re-election to the office, after the filing deadline for the election for the next term.