I am not what is known as an "early adopter."

Within the last 6 months I have, 1) purchased my first "smart phone," a Motorola Droid X2; 2) secured a laptop computer to use instead of my 10 year old desk top, and; 3) most recently, joined Facebook.

I did none of these things out of some burning desire.  I have no thirst for a tall, cold glass of the latest, greatest technology.  It was more a requirement to continue functioning in the world I inhabit.  Imagine my dismay to learn that a brand new internet may be on the way: the Quantum Internet.

Here's the gist: scientists from the Max Planck Institute have isolated individual atoms in "optical cavities," and coaxed them into "talking" to each other, via photon exchanges.  (Making it finally possible to answer the question, "What did one atom say to the other atom?)  Apparently, this is a big deal.  Only a first step, but, once it's fleshed out, new devices and applications won't be far behind.

Hopefully I'll be eligible for a credit by then on an upgrade for my Droid X2.  More than likely, I'll still have it...