On Friday afternoon, Flint Police Chief James Tolbert issued a statement regarding an investigation into an assault at a Dominos Pizza in which no police officers responded. Tolbert spoke specifically about how the complaint was handled at the City of Flint 911 Center:

The Flint Police Department is committed to provide the best possible service to the citizens, businesses and visitors in the City of Flint.

In reference to the reported assault that occurred at 2113 S. Ballenger Hwy on February 20, 2014. I ordered an investigation after I learned of the circumstances surrounding the reported assault. I personally reviewed the tapes that recorded the interaction between the caller from the restaurant and the Communication Specialists (CS) who are responsible for the intake and process of calls that come to the Flint Police Department via 911. The FPD Communications Specialists receives well over 500K calls from the 911 system in a normal year; those calls are handled with professionalism and brevity to ensure the proper response. I was not pleased with the tenor and content of the conversation in this case; I do believe the CS gave directions that would have prevented the assault.

The investigation resulted in the issuance of a reprimand and the immediate scheduling of all CS personnel to attend “Customer Service for 911 Professionals” training beginning April 24, 2014. Additionally, we have ensured all personnel understand the process of prioritizing calls and the reassignment of resources when needed. The FPD will endeavor to provide the requested service as we continue to address crime in this city. With these findings and actions, I consider this matter closed.