A Flint man has plead guilty to the 2007 shooting death of a liquor store owner according to Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton.

Twenty-nine year-old Harvey Lee Johnson plead no contest to second degree murder and felony firearm for the fatal shooting of Wajdi Badr during an armed robbery of Badr's store on E. Carpenter Road near Dort Highway.

According to the police investigation and store surveillance video, two masked men entered the Carpenter Road Market around 10 p.m. on March 7, 2007. One of the men was Johnson who was armed with a gun and the other was 29-year-old Markcus McGill. Video and the investigation showed McGill jumping over the front counter and struggling with Badr who was working the cash register. As the two men struggled, Johnson fired his gun several times hitting both Badr and McGill. Both Johnson and McGill both left the store and fled in Johnson's girlfriend's car. Badr managed to call 911 but was unable to identify his shooters before dying. Johnson returned the car to his girlfriend and then asked her to drive McGill to McLaren Hospital to get treatment for his injuries. McGill apprehended at McLaren and later changed and plead guilty to second degree murder in 2008. At the time of McGill's conviction, the identity of Johnson was still unknown. In 2010 however McGill sent a letter to the prosecutor's office indicating he was to identify the shooter and cooperate with the investigation. With the assistance of McGill and DNA evidence linking Johnson to the get-away vehicle, Leyton was able to charge Johnson with the murder of Badr in 2011. A trial in 2013 ended in a hung jury and the case proceeded to Tueday's plea in Circuit Court.

In a statement Leyton said "justice does not always come quickly but we never give up. In this case, justice has finally been served and Harvey Lee Johnson will be held accountable for the death of Mr. Badr." Johnson will be sentenced on May 5th.