Governor Rick Snyder today followed the recommendation of the independent Highland Park Schools review team, confirming his determination that a financial emergency exists in the Highland Park School District and reappointing Jack Martin as Emergency Manager.

Martin, a certified public accountant, is founder and chairman of Martin, Arrington, Desai & Meyers, P.C., and served as chief financial officer for the U.S. Department of Education from 2002 to 2005.

"Jack Martin is the right person for this post. Not only does he have a clear understanding of the crisis facing Highland Park schools, he has the background, expertise and passion to address it," said Snyder. "Despite the roadblocks along the way, we remain committed and will work tirelessly to ensure the well-being and education of Highland Park kids."

The governor's reappointment of Martin followed a review team's unanimous recommendation first on January 4, and again on February 22 during an open public meeting, that the district is experiencing a financial emergency.

This news comes just days after news reports that 226,000 signatures have been submitted to the Secretary of State to put the issue of repealing the law (Public Act 4 of 2011) on November's ballot. The State Canvasser's Board will have to verify at least 161,000 of the signatures as being valid. If that's the case, the current emergency manager law will be suspended and it will revert back to the law from 1990.

The City of Flint has been under the appointment of an Emergency Manager since the beginning of December 2011. The state is also in the process of determining whether or not the City of Detroit needs one as well.