New Flint Emergency Manager Darnell Early released a statement today on the Friday announcement that State Treasurer Andy Dillon had given his resignation to Governor Rick Snyder:

"State intervention in local government management under PA 436 is a very complex process, with a lot of moving parts. The Treasurer's role albeit extremely critical is but one component in the mechanism. Treasurer Dillon has done an exceptional job in taking that process to where it is today, as the state seeks to stabilize and sustain Michigan's most distressed cities and school districts. He is to be commended for his long and successful track record as a public servant."

"The charge for emergency managers still remains the same. That is, to restore cities like Flint and Detroit to financial solvency through the implementation of sound city management practices that will maintain accountability and enhance quality of life for the long-term. My work here won't be completed until we have achieved that goal, irrespective of who serves as state treasurer."

Governor Snyder's office announced the resignation of Treasurer Andy Dillon late Friday afternoon. Dillon will step down on November 1st.