Flint Emergency Manager Darnell Earley, along with Mayor Dayne Walling, and City Council President Scott Kincaid asked for Councilman Eric Mays to resign his seat at a news conference Friday morning at Flint City Hall.

Mays was arrested last weekend on charges of drunk driving, possession of marijuana, no proof of insurance and failure to submit to fingerprinting.

Mays, who won a recount in the First Ward earlier this week, was not allowed into the news conference where his resignation was asked for. He held an impromptu news conference of his own in the lobby of City Hall where he said emphatically he would not resign.

It is unsure what action will be taken next with the refusal to resign by Mays. This is a developing and ongoing story.

Audio from Earley asking for Mays to resign:

Audio from Walling asking Mays to resign:

Audio from Mays refusing to resign: