Flint Emergency Manager Michael Brown issued orders No.9 and 10 on Tuesday afternoon.

In order No. 9, Brown restored partial pay to Flint Mayor Dayne Walling. Brown had  eliminated the mayor's salary and compensation on December 2, in just his second order after being appointed Emergency Manager.

Walling will now receive 60% of his base salary, along with restoration of all benefits. In the order, Brown states that "Mayor Walling shall serve as a full time employee of the City of Flint with responsibilities focused on economic development, master planning, intergovermental affairs and community engagement."

Walling issued a statement shortly after Brown's orders came down in which he said the Emergency Manager "has followed through on his commitment to make this a collaborative process that involves elected leadership and engages residents." Walling added that he will "continue to dedicate 100%" of his time to "serving the community as mayor" and that his "door remains open to citizens at City Hall."

City Council members also saw their salaries restored to $7,000 per year with no benefits. Brown stated in order No. 10 that the City Council must convene in the City Council Chambers once a month, as scheduled by him, for the purpose of listening to public comment, conducting public hearings and addressing other matters submitted by him. Brown also added that individual Council members will serve on committees as directed by him.

To see Brown's orders as written, click here.