My quest to lose weight in Hurley Health and Fitness Center's 3 Ton Challenge continues.   One hears that it is not good to deprive oneself while trying to lose weight.  To do so is to set oneself up for failure, or, more precisely, for falling off the wagon after one has succeeded.  What one is looking for is a change in lifestyle.  So the question is, my question, Is a donut eating lifestyle conducive to weight loss?  (And when I say 'donuts' I mean also pizza, and ice cream, and other types of delicious treats.)

I ask in a thoughtful, self-reflective mood, after my second weigh-in last night.  Oh, I lost weight.  Another 1.2 pounds.  So, I've lost 5 pounds in four weeks.  Moderation in eating, moderation in losing.  Sound principles, from what I understand.  I continue fanatically to throw myself into the exercise portion of this quest, flagellating myself with zeal on the elliptical machines at Hurley.  Afterward, I feel an ease that I am sure approaches something zen like.  (Blood pressure down again.)  I may start stretching as well.  It helps now that I can almost see my toes again.

But I am beginning to wonder if it is realistic to expect to lose weight while not depriving oneself.  I am on a quest.  I want to lose all the weight I need to lose, and I want to do it soon.  Or, should I continue patiently, exercising, not depriving myself, but making some "better choices" at the table?  Going slowly.  Taking time.  Having a donut, now and then?

To be continued...