The alarm clock sounds and jolts you out of a deep slumber.  Instantly, you are wide awake. The four walls of your bedroom offer a vague familiarity, as your heart pounds rapidly, reminding you of the dream you just had. As you assemble your thoughts and plan the day’s activities, relinquishing the visions from last night’s sleep is near impossible.

Your usual morning ritual involves a few moments at the mirror, but today you linger and inquire of the reflection. “That dream, is it possible? Should I tell anyone? If I do, will they believe me?” As you move through the house, you see other elements of the dream.  Items of furniture and certain decorations seem outdated and out of place. Your favorite song on the radio becomes strange background noise diminished by the audio from the dream. During breakfast, the desire to express this experience grows. While getting dressed, your attention is drawn to a partial opening in the window covering. A glimmer of sunlight offers the same challenge as it occurred in the dream. It beckons you to investigate its brilliance. Your final ‘check my look in the mirror’ prompts a decision.

You open fully the window shade and marvel at what you see. Families at home, enjoying the company of their neighbors. A schoolhouse filled with attentive students.  In the distance you hear the chime of the bells in the church steeple. For you it is not enough only to observe. Somehow, you must participate. Stepping outside, you welcome the new family just moving in. Your drive to work becomes somewhat of a road trip, as you slow down and ‘smell the roses’ along the way. Upon arrival at work, your co-workers notice the extra spring in your step, and wonder what it may be. You end their suspense by telling them about your dream and its meaning:

You saw yourself attempting what you thought you never could.  Not only did you make the attempt, you succeeded. You vacationed in places considered only for the rich and famous. You realized you had gifts to offer, and others had gifts to give. You saw and respected people as individuals, while earning the respect of others. You learned that life has an abundant bounty waiting for someone to harvest it.  The dream, for you, has become attainable.

After telling the dream, you are compelled without reservation to live it. You commit yourself to utilizing the clear vision which was explained in the dream- that is, to see events as individual occurrences and judge the event on its’ merits; to see people as individuals, and judge each as an individual; to humble oneself in order to accept criticism or praise. While putting in practice the elements of the dream will require a departure from your ‘normal’ lifestyle, and knowing you will face new and difficult obstacles, you are willing to face these challenges for the reward which will follow. YOU CAN MAKE THE DREAM A REALITY!